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You’re about to enter into a learning experience. Before signing in consider these things:

1. Focus
*All study requires focus, especially when you engage in a seminary-level study. If you want to listen to one of these courses while driving in the car, download the Third Millennium App. However, entering this website will require an amount of focus.

2. Relax
*Take a breath. Don’t worry about not understanding some of the words or themes. Don’t feel that you need to finish every lecture quickly. Enter with a relaxed mental posture.

3. Interact
*Data transfer from teacher to student has not proven to be the ideal learning model. A blended model with good content combined with a learning community is key for strong application. So if you’re entering the site in a private study group, perfect. If you’re entering as an individual, push yourself to interact with others who are also learning in order to apply this education in a practical way.

4. Worship
*In all aspects of life there should be an element of worship. Enter this site with worship in mind. Yes, this is profound education, but learning more about God and application by the Holy Spirit should be a worshipful experience.

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